So timely

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What an awesome book! I love every page of it. So timely, in the midst of the COVID mess, to read about the last pandemic. It also gives you perspective - things could certainly be a lot worse than they are now.
I can't imagine Pia's feelings throughout the story. This young lady deals with SO much heartbreak in her, scary situations, and abuse from those meant to protect her. But she rises above it all and never gives up on finding her little brothers, the last members of her family who she loves and misses so deeply.
This book deals with how mothers cope with the loss of a child - it can make the mother do irrational things, even evil things. Or it can have a mother open her heart and home to someone else who is in equal need of love and someone to love.
I am continually amazed and disappointed to see how far people will go in doing evil things against those different from them. This is something I will never be able to comprehend.
This book will give a reader hope - no matter how bad things get, they can always get better!