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Read this during Covid, and what a time to read about the last pandemic. It sure had a lot of similarities! This book both broke my heart, and pissed me off. That is high praise to the author! Good job to Ellen Marie Wiseman.

During the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, we meet 13 year old German girl named Paul, who lives in the slums. Her father enlists in the War, hopefully to help fight the anti German feelings that are around. During the flu that huta the slums, she goes out to try and get some food for her baby brothers. She falls ill, and by the time she goes back to her apartment, they have disappeared. The rest of the story fluctuates between her time trying to find them, and the person that stole her brothers. This definitely tugs at your heartstrings. I stayed up way too late finishing this. The author did an amazing job telling Pia's story and I can't wait to read more of her books.