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Well, this book came out during a time that everyone in the world thought that the world was ending with coronavirus. We heard that it would be worse than the influenza of 1918. That more lives would be lost. This book really hit home in a way that it showed us the tragedies and the losses of everyday people during a tome in the world where everyone was ravaged by Influenza. It was honestly a raw and sad book and the pandemic of 2019-2020 brought it alive even more because in all honesty we did not know what to expect. The story was very well written and I felt like I could easily understand what the people went through during the Influenza of 1918. When I received the book it came with two stickers and a note from the aurthor and I saved both, just because I may not see another book of this magnitude, with both perfect timing and horrible timing as far as being released. Lol the cover is also sad. All in all it was an excellent book.