Could Be Young Adult Novel?

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My local book club chose The Orphan Collector as its May 2021 selection as one of our members had previously read and liked it.

The author detailed the circumstances facing Pia Lange, a 12 years old German immigrant girl whose father Is serving in the US Army in World War I France, when her mother suddenly dies of the influenza. Living in the Philadelphia tenements, Pia is left to care for her infant twin brothers with absolutely no support system whatsoever. The decisions she is forced to make lead consequences causing her years of guilt and searching.

I found it to be a fast informative read, especially if someone knew little or nothing about the 1918 influenza pandemic. As I was reading, I kept wondering if it was/could be considered a young adult novel. I also found some of the resolutions of storylines to be too tidy, but did appreciate that the author left no loose ends dangling at the end of the book.