A Very Topical Historical Fiction!

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I really enjoyed this book, even though it covered heavy topics! It was almost, in a weird way, surreal to read a book set during a pandemic; in this case, the Spanish Flu. In a time when COVID-19 is sweeping across the nation, and world, it is unsettling but important to read about a time when we faced a similar situation. Interestingly, this book also covered anti-immigration attitudes, which is also extremely topical in today's age. It is jarring to read a historical fiction that highlights tragedies and biases that we, nationally and globally, have yet to overcome.
I really loved and empathized with Pia Lange, a young German immigrant, as a character. Bernice Groves was well-written as well. To see how grief can cause a person to spiral deeper into hatred and villainy is always an interesting read. Very enjoyable!!