A Time in History I Knew Little About

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Your desire to find out what happens to Pia, a thirteen-year-old girl in 1918, will have you turning the pages! It seems like it will just be a historical piece about the outbreak of the Spanish flu and how that impacts the city of Philadelphia. What you find is an intense story about love, loss, and what one can overcome when they set their mind to it.
I have never read a story quite like this one, and the time period intrigued me as well. I knew little about the historical elements depicted in this book, so that coupled with the need to find out what happened to Pia and her family and friends had me pushing through what I thought might be a difficult book upon first impression.
The similarities between what occurred in 1918 and are most recent pandemic of 2020, also made for an interesting read.
It was my first book of Wiseman's, but I will definitely be looking to pick up more!