Too slow paced for me

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This story was up and down for me. I enjoy horror books a lot, and although at times it was slow paced, it had plenty of gory scenes and action when it wasn't. I do not know much about Native American culture, overall I enjoyed the story. The characters were each interesting and unique. The scenes were descriptive enough to build a good picture in my mind of the story landscape. A few twists in the story were a nice addition to keep the readers attention, but this type of story I didn't find was something that I would read again in the future.

I found the story hard to stay focused on and I was putting the book down more times than picking it up. I did finish the book, I am not a DNF overall type of reader. It just might take me months to finish reading because it is lacking interest. I like to give the author the curiosity of reading the whole book before judging.