This Was Rough

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I have to say I’m not the biggest fan of this book. I don’t mind that it’s horror. One of my favorite books from last year was horror. What gets me is gore and violence towards animals. I knew this book was going to be weird. I was told by so many people before I even started it that it was going to be weird. I don’t mind weird; I usually like weird, but I don’t think I liked this. I had to force myself to keep reading the book and to keep picking the book up. I actually thought about DNFing this book, but I’m really trying to keep up my streak of not DNFing books. I’ve only not finished three books I believe. So maybe that’s on me for suffering through books I clearly don’t like.

I couldn’t connect to the characters. We get a blip of Ricky at the beginning of the book and then we find out he’s dead. The first chunk of the book is about Lewis. Within less than 50 pages there is animal violence towards Lewis’ dog, not once but twice. I liked Lewis’ wife Peta, but it was annoying that Lewis kept bringing up that she wasn’t an Indian. I get that it’s a big deal, but I don’t need constant reminders that Peta is white and that she’s not an Indian. Lewis just got crazy paranoid that both women in his life could be the elk he killed ten years ago, come back to avenge their dead calf. He killed his coworker, who yeah was flirting with him, but let’s face it, that is harmless. He full on planned to kill her and then did it because he thought she was a stupid dead elk he killed TEN YEARS AGO. Then he goes on a time of trying to figure out if Peta is really Peta or if she’s really the dead elk. Then Peta dies and he’s sad because Peta is just Peta. Go figure your wife of ten years was really just your wife- color me shocked.

Gabe and Cass’ sections are mostly told together since they are both at the rez. I think of the four guys Gabe is my least favorite. He discovers Cass’ dogs (three of them). Two of them are already dead and then he kills the third to put it out of its misery. Then the jerk just decides he doesn’t want to deal with it and doesn’t tell his friend about his poor dead dogs. We’re a little over 200 pages into the book and the death count is: 4 dogs and 4 (Possibly 5) humans. Gabe is a pretty annoying drunk in my opinion, but the dog thing really grinded my gears. The second section just ends in so much pointless death. I guess this elk mom was just on a vengeance roll. Taking out everyone and everything.

The final section is about Denorah, Gabe’s daughter. Things just got weirder and weirder as the story went on. I feel like Denorah was the only main character I could stomach. I liked Peta and Jo for the little bit we saw them, but they were not main characters by any means.

As a whole I did not like this book. I struggled to get through it. I did not enjoy my time reading it. I will not recommend this book to people, nor will I be rereading it.