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How could you NOT love "The Only Good Indians?!" This book had me on the edge of my seat the ENTIRE time.

Stephen Graham Jones has an insane way with words... And that's probably an understatement. HIs writing style is unique, powerful, and beautiful. His words flow easily. It's SO easy to follow his writing and stay interested in the book. There wasn't a single moment I lost motivation to finish the book. I litereally could NOT stop reading once I started.

While the book is labeled as a horror book, I would also say it touches on the supernatural suspense side as well. If you don't have a high tolerance to horror, don't worry.. But be warned, this book WILL stick with you.

To simplify the idea of the book - Four men are haunted by one horrible mistake they made when they were younger. The victim has come back for revenge.

There is graphic violence.