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The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones, is an interesting read. I enjoyed the authors writing style which at times made it feel like three books instead of just the one.

It’s starts off with four local men making plans to kill off a herd of Elk. They Elk are considered sacred to them and their community, and the men know what they are doing is wrong, but they do it anyway. When the men are caught with the dead Elk, the animals are discarded, not even a hide or horn was used (making their deaths a waste). This is what starts the cure for the four men.

The characters are well written and the plot intriguing. The terrifying scenes have just enough blood and gore to vividly register in your head. I will admit that the book took me awhile to get into and even longer to formulate a review. But the more I thought about the book after I finished it, the better it got. 4/5 stars and a nice scary summer read!