Too much teenage drama!

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Well first of all this book is definitely a young adult book. Sometimes I find that genre interesting depending on the content and maybe my mood. I had a difficult time with this one. The plot sounded really good as it was a whodunnit mystery. But maybe it’s my age (old) but these characters are seniors in high school who party hearty, drink while parents are away, hook up, drugs, etc. Plus these teens are athletes on a school team! The “adults” in the story are real idiots and a few are creepy! This novel is definitely for the mature teen and not for a mature adult! There are many secrets which did keep me interested but at one point I started skimming and I really didn’t miss anything by doing that. This book has been highly rated so don’t let my review stop you from reading it. Just know that it is definitely written for the younguns and not old people!