Thrilling except for the end

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The cover of this book hooked me right away with the moon necklace dipped in blood and used to create the With Murder part of the title. Very intriguing. It had a good strong start with how Lauren was secretly hooking up with Robbie and then the disastrous stay with him at his house on Lake Monarch and finding the bloody top that had belonged to his dead girlfriend. It also nicely teased that Lauren had some dark secrets herself. That kept me reading the book as it continued with Lauren's investigation, her being shunned by the soccer team, and then another dead teen to muddy the waters. It had me guessing a lot of who the killer was cause there were a lot of suspects and that person seemed on top of things with threats, stolen evidence and misleading confessions. So that made it all good and tense to see how many others would wind up dead before the killer was caught. I liked it all up till the end when the supposedly cany killer makes a stupid mistake in not covering their tracks and then the reason why they killed those girls in the first place was odd and didn't really fit with the rest of the story. So, one star off for that.