The ending is what changed my thoughts

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I really wanted this one to be a 5 star read. I was so excited to start it and I was hoping for huge twists. I am still sitting here trying to really figure out how I feel. The title in itself is a contradiction bc, well I don’t want to give anything away. It had some really good parts, but I have to give it 3 stars because the ending was just dull. I figured out the twist early on, and I just wanted more fireworks.

I loved the dynamic between Robbie and Lauren. I really wanted more from them in this one. There were too many holes and gaps you had to fill in along the way.

I liked the quick pace and short chapters of this book. The shorter the chapters, the better for me.

While writing this review I am replaying everything that happened. It had so many moving pieces that I wanted it to be a huge ending, but all of the uphill to get to the end left me disappointed.

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