Super Suspenseful Mystery

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This was a highly enjoyable mystery for mature teens! Lauren was a complex character, fully flawed and occasionally unlikeable, but always on the side of good. I loved the twists of the mystery, which kept me guessing until the end. No first quarter predictions in this book! I also really appreciated the references to some serious issues affecting Lauren's life, like the absence of her father, the way her difficulty in California impacted her mom's love life, her experience with blackmail-style manipulation and its long-term effects, and her challenge with trust as a result of all of the above-mentioned issues. Probably my favorite part of this book was the way that a bunch of side characters, who were not connected at the start of the book (& in some cases hated each other) came together by the end to band together with Lauren and help her get to the truth, protecting each other and even saving lives in the process.

I will definitely buy this book for my HS library!