Never saw it coming!

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Wow! Just wow!! This was an exciting, addictive, & heart racing story. I was drawn in from the start, got enmeshed with all of the characters, and was ensconced in the mystery, the whole time!

The take on teen life being already difficult, and then throwing in the madness surrounding the main character, was well done. The outlying characters still held enough depth to keep the story full, while maintaining your focus on the main character and what was going on with her.

The writing didn't feel young, or condescending, which I've seen happen too many times in YA books, I also let my daughter read it after me, and she loved it! It felt real, and still relatable, even within the context of the crazy story line.

The mystery itself was so well done. My daughter is STILL talking about how she didn't see the...end...coming! The story kept me guessing the whole time, too! I'd recommend, and maybe do a buddy read with your teen!