Murder underway

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Robbie Crestmont and his brother , Trevor have everyone wondering if they are the killers of two separate incidents with their girlfriends ,Jess and Victoria , both out with these brothers, and both wound up deceased ! Looked like an accident, per others, it was murder, by these two brothers , but as time goes on things start to spiral out of control and now Another person found dead and all the signs point to disaster ! Lauren has been dating , Robbie, and no one in her highschool and no one on her team at school wants to be bothered with her, since she is dating a murderer, in their eyes , and she has secrets of her own that she would rather stayed hidden , hence why her mother and herself had moved from California to this place in Happy Valley , to keep her secret hidden about the night Clint got burned in a fire that she set , to hide the pain of what his friend Donovan was doing to her , They work together as a team , to uncover, what really happened to Jess and Victoria, that night, and will stop at nothing, until they uncover, the answers they need to catch a murderer!