Mixed Emotions

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The cover truly pulled me in. It’s gorgeous and intriguing. The first look also made me really want to read this. I didn’t see the twist coming for who the real killer was. It kept me guessing until the end. But some parts of the book didn’t feel ‘real’ to me. At one point the FMC, Lauren, and the MMC, Robbie, escape a situation that could have been deadly and is also known to be a fear of Lauren’s. Until that point Robbie had been supportive of her fears but seemed to do a one-eighty that didn’t have anything to do with the story. Another big plot point in the story didn’t really seem to be foreshadowed at all and it didn’t make sense as to how the characters figured the information out since it wasn’t hinted to earlier in the story. There were times when it felt rushed and confusing. But it still kept me reading, which is the mark of a good book I guess. Wanted to do 3.5 but rounded up due to the fact that I kept reading.