Loved this book!!!

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This book had me hooked from the beginning!!! I could not get enough of this book!!! I loved it so much that I told my 13 year old daughter who is obsessed with murder type of books to read this book once she gets the chance as well! It truly has to be top 5 favorite books of the year! Top favorite mystery book of the year for sure!!! I know its a YA book but something about this one just really was just so good!! I will defiantly be picking up more books by this author!
Lauren is the new girl in town after her mother chooses to move them away from Lauren's troublesome past in California. She meets Robbie Cresmount and begins a secret affair with him. When word gets out at school she learns that the cresmount boys have a dark and dangerous reputation. Some even say they are murderers. The ending was not overly surprising but it was still really good even tho I thought it was a little rushed in some ways.
Over all solid 5 stars!