Loved this book

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This book was my holy grail of who dont it, my favorite character it Lex because she is a very loyal character and true to myself im very loyal to my friends. The story line itself of trying to figure out who was behind everything had me on the edge of my seat the entirty of the book and my heart racing when the action picked up. As a reader there are not many books that have done this, so i highly recomend anyone that loves fast paced thriller book need to run and get this book when it goes on sale. I never expected it to end the way it did but I couldn't see any other possible way it could have ended. I love the way you had to think and put the pieces together to figure it and the plots of there might have been another person it could have been at the same time. There is absolutely no way i wouldnt recomend this to everyone. I need more books like this. It was beautifully written.