Great YA thriller!

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After a troubled past, Lauren relocates to another school for her senior year to start fresh. She becomes involved with one of the rich Crestmont boys and soon discovers he and his brother both had girlfriends who died iunder suspicious circumstances.
With a name like Happy Valley, who wouldn't want to live there? But then more mysterious deaths happen and you're not sure who you can trust...
This book kept me guessing and turning the pages as I tried solving the mystery. A good debut, the tale unraveled nicely and I hope to read more from this author. Not for the very young, but perfect for high schoolers and middle aged readers like me who still enjoy a good YA thriller once in a while. I liked the short chapters and the humor in it. The only complaint I have is, shouldn't the title read "The One WHO Got Away With Murder" instead of "The One THAT Got Away With Murder"? 🤔