Great YA Mystery Thriller

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I really enjoyed The One That Got Away With Murder by Trish Lundy. It fit right into the genre and had enough twists and turns to surprise me. There are a few things I would change - mainly I would add on to the ending and flesh it out more. I would have loved more on Lauren’s backstory to better understand how she came to decide to do what she did. I also would have loved more on the villain and their motives. I would have appreciated more character building on the characters surrounding Lauren as well - a little more would go a long way to really immersing into the story.

I found the cover appealing. The two fonts draw the eye in and definitely make sense for the book. The book also has nice binding and weight.

I would definitely recommend this book to people who like Karen McManus and other YA books in that style. I am looking forward to what Trish Lundy writes next.