Good Start!

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As a new mom, I do not have a lot of down time... none at all actually. I need something that will keep my attention for the amount of free time I do have. The books I select need to be a quick read. The One That Got Away With Murder did exactly that. In the fifteen minutes of free time I just had, I was able to read the excerpt that was provided. I like how the author hooked me right from the very first page. The story flowed nicely and the characters that were introduced were interesting to me. I like knowing the background of the characters. I was not expecting there to be a racy scene right in the beginning since it is tagged as a young adult novel. However, it does set the exposition up nicely and I am definitely interested in reading more of this book and I would like to see the plot continues. I am also interested in looking up if the author has any more books to read!