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4.25 stars

I started this book at bedtime and stayed up way too late finishing it in one go. Oops. But it was such a good time, in spite of--or maybe because of--the absurd and campy twist. When I say I didn't see that coming, what I mean is I sat up and said "WHAT" out loud at 3 am.

Lauren O'Brian has just moved to Happy Valley, Pennsylvania from California after a disastrous end to her junior year of high school. Before school even starts she finds herself in a no-strings-attached relationship with a future classmate, the wealthy and privileged Robbie Crestmont. Until she joins the varsity soccer team and learns that Robbie and his brother Trevor are infamous because all of their girlfriends end up dead.

Lauren is no stranger to the rumor mill capitalizing on personal tragedy and doesn't want to believe Robbie's capable of murder. But his ex was a soccer star too, and Lauren's new teammates are adamant: the Crestmonts are bad news, and their rich family and lawyer father are the only reasons they aren't in prison. But the only way to prove Robbie didn't do it is to find out who did---and when another death happens and more evidence starts to surface, Lauren grows less and less sure who she can trust.

I really enjoyed Lauren as a narrator, and the dynamics between her and the other major characters felt really authentic to read. They're all flawed, and while that meant they weren't always likable, it did make them easier to connect to. The banter between Lauren and her friends was hilarious, and I appreciated how the trauma of the characters' past colored their present relationships instead of just being brushed under the rug. There were a lot of red herrings in this and I was sure I knew who the killer was but was SHOCKED by the reveal. Like, I don't know if I like that the story went that way SHOCKED. It was bizarre, and I don't know how believable some elements were, but I didn't see it coming, so props to the author on that. I need someone to read it and come discuss with me, because once again, WHAT. I'll definitely check out her future works, since this one was a great time! Thanks to NetGalley, the author, and the publisher for the advance copy in exchange for my honest review.