Fast-paced thriller

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The One That Got Away With Murder is a thrilling and fast-paced adventure perfect for fans of Karen M. McManus. When new girl Lauren meets Robbie, she has no idea the controversy she is creating in her small town. Each previous girlfriend that Robbie and his brother Trevor have dated ended up dead. When Lauren finds a clue to the mystery, she must use all her skills to try and untangle the truth before they come for her.

I enjoyed this! It's a fast-paced thriller that is very hard to put down. The slow reveal of Lauren's past trauma created many questions and problems for her in the town. Lauren deals with romance, family drama, and cruel gossip. I wish the romance had been a little more developed, but this was tricky because part of Lauren also wonders if Robbie was involved in his past girlfriend's murder. There were a lot of red herrings and this made it difficult to guess who the real murderer is.

The One That Got Away with Murder is a great fast-paced thriller that you could devour in an afternoon. Looking forward to what Trish Lundy writes next! Thanks to Trish Lundy, Macmillan Children's Publishing, and Bookish First for a free copy in exchange for an honest review.