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I really enjoyed this book. Though it was not as suspenseful as some of the books I have read, it will still draw the reader in. You follow the characters in the book, learning about each individual with some snippets of their past. Maybe you suspect possibly some of the same people/characters as they do, or it might lead you to a totally different train of thought. But, like any good thriller/suspense story you’ll be sucked into the fray alongside the characters trying to figure out who is the guilty one. And with any good mystery, the truth is never who the characters in the book suspect nor who the reader themself might suspect it to be. The story continues until that little surprise twist the author injects into the storyline hooking the reader even deeper with a totally different angle and yet another new perspective the reader never thought of or suspected. Submerged in suspense yet again the reader continues as yet another twist arises to finish out the story.