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I was very hopeful going into this book when I read the first impression. I did enjoy this book quite a good bit! I loved the idea of the plot but wished for a little bit more backstory on some of what was going on in this book. ( trying not to put out any spoilers.) the twist wasn’t too bad, but it also didn’t seemingly hit me as too surprising like I’d hoped. Nonetheless l I still enjoyed the book and I did not see that twist coming, just wish to have had more about that after we got to that point. I still enjoyed this book quite a bit even if it did feel like it started slowly at first. I hope you guys will give this book a chance. I’m sure y’all won’t be disappointed as I was not. I was quite surprised with some of the situations in this book. My review may not be the greatest but I hope you enjoy it regardless! Good luck to who reads this book and I hope it’s all that you want.