Dark and Twisty YA Mystery

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Lauren is the new girl in Happy Valley. She’s the new girl in school, on the girls’ soccer team, and in a new group of friends. She has a secret situationship with Robbie Crestmont, a guy who’s volunteering at her mother’s work. All this is great because it distracts her from her mother’s serious new relationship and the chaos they both left behind in California. As it turns out, people in Happy Valley are also hiding secrets. Girls have died and everyone in town blames the Crestmont brothers. Torn between her past, her desires, and a longing for the truth, Lauren sets out for a weekend vacation with the Crestmont family.

The One That Got Away With Murder is a great read for fans of Holly Jackson and Karen McManus. If you’re looking for a dark and twisty high school mystery, give this book a try. It’s a well-written debut, and I predict we’ll see a lot more from this author in the future. This book has a lot of dark themes, so I recommend looking into content warnings before jumping in.