Cute YA Thriller

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This thriller is great for anyone trying to get into the genre. I feel that this book has a nice mixture of murder mystery, friendship, and romance.

I love following along with books through the different reveals. I will say that a lot of the mystery towards the beginning of the book was easy to unravel. I did not suspect the final reveal, but I did know ahead of time what the majority of the twists would be. I still think the clues were enjoyable and that this would be a good read.

I think that this book, while it is a thriller, has very cute friendships. The book does well with the themes of trying to establish yourself in a new place. I thought the book was very light for a thriller, hence why it is great for newer readers of the genre. I did wish that it delved more into Lauren and others dealing with and overcoming their trauma.

I think this a good book to try out if you want a lighter thriller.