A Mediocre Read

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The first few chapters had me excited to read this book, my enthusiasm quickly waned. The book was easy to put down for me, and I struggled to keep reading. I think there wasn't enough detail mixed in about the main character's past, and the events happening in the present got boring early. I was happy to reach the end, but I felt like the pacing was off, and the ending came out of nowhere rather than being something that had at all been hinted at. I like my mystery/suspense books to actually make sense in some way, and this seemed messy and not well thought out. It felt like the story moved rather slowly and then the last few chapters covered all the excitement in a whirlwind, discombobulating fashion. It was not the worst book I've ever read, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, because I think there are a lot better books out there. It was hard to get invested in any of the characters or in the general storyline. There were elements that could have been good, but it was too undeveloped for me.