A great YA debut novel!

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The one that got away with Murder was fantastic! Definitely gave Holly Jackson vibes and was so good! An amazing debut novel that has me an instant fan of the author. I felt the pacing and characters were good and keep me guessing till the very end on who the murderer truly was. The only pacing I really had a problem with was when it got to the end and we found out who was behind everything it felt a little rushed. I would have liked a little more build up and more details as to what the killers motive kind of was. It was hinted at but what started it all? I would say to check the trigger warnings since it does have some deeper topics discussed throughout the book like murder, suicide, drugs, etc. But all in all it was a quick read that I would recommend to my friends!

4 star rating, thanks to Bookishfirst and Trish Lundy for an advanced copy for my honest review.