a good addition to the genre

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This book was a great addition to the YA mystery genre. The main character was relatable, was swindled just enough by the people around her to be realistic, but not too much to where it seemed like she was dumb. I really liked the male main character, even though he was fully suspicious, and I binged this in a day because it was really compulsively readable. I don't think it necessarily brought anything crazy or new to the table, but I don't really think books have to to be good. I definitely plan to read whatever the author comes out with next! I love the title, and the cover makes even better sense in context of the story which is always a fun aspect. I think the way the mystery wraps up, while a little out of left field, makes sense and isn't too outlandish to be dumb. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to teens, or even to adults who like to read similar subject matter.