I feel uncomfortable (which I'm sure is the point)

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So the first chapter is a sex scene which is a very bold move. I think it sets the tone for the whole book so far and I appreciate that. All I can think about is the amount of red flag between both the main protagonist and the love interest. All of my alarms are going off in my brain. Both characters are giving me the biggest "ick".

Despite all of the actual panic I have reading this sneak peek, I believe this novel is written very well so far. I can tell everything detail feels intentional and specifically placed. I'm curious about the main protagonist and her backstory. It sounds so awful, gruesome, and traumatizing. Yet I also wonder about this Mara person, what about this family freaks her out so much, there's obviously so much more than what she lets on.

Finally, major props to whoever picked out this excerpt. It is PERFECT. Usually short sneak peaks drive me crazy because I don't feel like there's enough information for me to judge the story. This was absolutely just enough information to give me everything I need to know about the vibe without ruining the whole novel for me. And that cliff hanger right at the end! It is so absolutely perfect!

Cool cover, Mara's necklace?