The anthology

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The concept of this book felt refreshing, a group of authors from africa coming together and incorporating a piece of their writing. The book was fairly thin and I figured it would be a quick and easy read.

Sadly, I could not get into this book. I have tried many times, both through a physical copy and ebook. But it just did not interest me.

I was actually surprised that the title was only based on one of the twelve stories.

But looking back, I was probably turned off from the first story and that really let me down. That and it did not male sense nor relate to the title. I envisioned all the authors would come together and write a story of the "newlyweds" looking through their window and watching strangers. Similar to the rear window, except it's their first time as a married couple and they can briefly look out their window at strangers they can see from an apartment/skyscraper window.