Intriguing Tales

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Honestly I'm not one for a large group of short stories unless they have some sort of connection. This book has that! It transported me to different places & cultures, gave me looks at things I didn't know were still happening in this world. It also showed me that old tales no matter what country still get passed down from generation to generation. I cried so many times while reading this book & got lost in a couple of the stories too. I wanted to hear more from some of the short stories, I wanted to know where someone ended up on their journey, if they found that better life they were seeking or just a change of pace from what they had. The cultural insight in this book is one that I think should be taught in schools, so others can learn of the large differences there are in this world. Its a book that gives you a look at others & makes you second guess some of the things you think are so trivial to you yet would be something incredible to someone else.