Decent collection of short stories

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This book was a collection of short stories from up and coming African authors and was the debut publication for many of them. I really liked the idea of the book because African cultures are usually reduced to poverty and tragedy by Western writers. By including perspectives from many different African cultures, this book showed a wide variety of people and lifestyles.
One of my favorite short stories from the book was "Gasping for Air". This story was about a being (doesn't specify what kind) that goes around killing people on Earth, justifying it as "God's will". However, he falls in love with a woman who he's supposed to kill. I thought this story was interesting because it shows how even something superhuman can still be controlled by their emotions.
Most of the stories were very well written; however, some of them were just not very engaging or had a plot that didn't make sense ("Border Control" was a good example of this). I think this collection was a promising start for Mukana Press, and they can create an even bigger difference in the literary world by asking for more people to read their short stories before they include them in the next collection.