African Short Stories

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I don't always read short stories, but sometimes I like to. They are easy to get into and quick to read. This is a book that has 12 different short stories by African authors. They were all very good writers and had interesting stories. They ranked from PG to R. But they are all very family oriented. I love reading stories from authors that are different from me. It's a look into how other people live and the things they go through that are so incredibly different than me. This is a good book to read if you are wanting to read about life in Africa. Rain was one of my favorite stories. To me, it was a story about guilt and how it seems to drown you. I also enjoyed Our Girl Bimpe. Bimpe is just a teenage girl looking for acceptance and attention and it doesn't go ideally. And finally, A Letter from Ireland was a good one too. It doesn't end the way anyone thinks it will.