Wasn’t for me

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This book just wasn’t for me. I could really appreciate what it did and where it went. I haven’t read any Egyptian based books prior to this so I was super excited to see if I would enjoy this, unfortunately I just did not. I really found the characters boring and the whole plot just felt to bizarre and unlikely to happen.

Wilbur books have never really appealed to me but I’ve seen so many from him and love the covers from his books. I decided this would be the perfect time to pick one up and give it a shot. Oh gosh I wanted to DNF this book.

I can see why people love his books, but they just aren’t for me. I really didn’t like the writing style, I got so confused at times and felt like the writing was so dull and dragged the story even more then it should have.

I will say that the last 1/3 of the book was a bit interesting. Nothing too crazy happened to change my mind though.