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I've always been fascinated with Egyptian history. Something about Ancient Egypt has just kept my attention for as long as I can remember. I search for books set in Ancient Egypt a lot and surprisingly there aren't too many. I'm so glad to have found a fiction series set in the time period! As soon as I read "A grand destiny lay ahead of him, if those higher powers were willing, and tonight he would take his first step along that road to glory." I knew I was hooked. Hui and KyKy have a friendship that I already adore. I love their dynamic, Hui being the bold and courageous one and KyKy the more cautious and apprehensive one of the duo. Not to forget Quen of course, the older brother to Hui. The 3 set out to raid a Shrike camp but what they find is a dangerous threat and a very sinister message for strangers, that only death lay ahead for them. I'm very interested in this book and this series.