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First off the cover is amazing and definitely eye catching. I like how each chapter flows into each other. I also like how you can tell you're on a new chapter. Each is started by a small box of Egyptian pictures. The way the author tells the story definitely paints the picture into your head. Lots of details but not too much either. It definitely has lots of thrills. It has tons of action. Some suspense. It also has a bit of fantasy to it. This story and the way the author writes will definitely keep you interested, wanting more and on the edge of your seat. I like how the author puts a map into the beginning of the book as well. It gives you a look into where everything is. I also like how the story starts. You're already questioning what's happening and what will happen. It definitely makes you want to find out what happens in the end. I cannot wait to see if these characters will have even more adventures later on.