Not for me at all

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Unfortunately this book is a reminder why I don't typically read YA contemporary. After reading the description I figured I'd give it a chance because it seemed to have a paranormal aspect to it but I didn't even get that far. To be honest, this book could have gotten better but I couldn't even bring myself to read the whole sample given.

This book is going to be fantastic for someone and I know it is, but that person isn't me. The first chapter was not a great introduction to the book. I feel like all I got was this angry teenager and I just couldn't. It's one of those situations that really make me question if kids seriously act that way in high school. I know it's fiction but personally, it seems so unrealistic and I didn't even get to the paranormal part of the book.

If it seems interesting to you please try it! Like I said, this is going to be perfect for someone but I am definitely not the intended audience.