Twelve Year Old Trouble

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This BookishFirst ebook was won and thoroughly enjoyed. Phew! I had a terrible time downloading it, but after I finally got to read it-I was glad it arrived in print.
Emily is a mess, she's on the lam, only 12, but trying to hide from 2 murderers. She is smart, creative and has learned to lie very well. She has to get a driver's license and gets one from Lucas, a bit of a criminal. There is lots of action, suspense and yes, injuries, murders and far too much swearing. Emily emerges as a girl with a vengeance and Lucas is her pseudo parent, trainer and mentor. I loved the characters. They were all well portrayed and I couldn't stop reading because it was that good. As far as Emily being a believable young girl who manages to do what she did; that was a bit of a stretch but young kids can do amazing things when fueled by hate. I see it all the time on the I.D. channel.