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On the run as her psyche splinters, a twelve-year-old survivor of a savage home invasion finds refuge with a ruthless former gang member who trains her to kill before she sets out alone on a terrifying search for justice.

The Hiding Girl

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“Dark and gritty… an exceptional, heart-pounding story full of raw emotion, deep-seated fear, and an undercurrent of hope and innocence. Deeply atmospheric… without peer in contemporary mysteries/thrillers.” —Publishers Weekly BookLife Prize Semifinalist

Twelve-year-old Emily Calby was a good girl from a religious family in rural Georgia. She loved softball, her little sister and looking up words to get her allowance. Then two men came and savagely murdered her family. Somehow Emily escaped. Only the killers know she survived.

On the run in a fugue, she makes an unlikely ally in a ruthless former gang member who takes her in. Overwhelmed by guilt, Emily persuades him to train her to kill before setting out alone on a terrifying search for justice. Nothing will stop her—not cops or creeps, not even her own splintering mind. Through it all, she fights to hold onto hope and the girl she once knew, kept buried deep inside.

A testament to the boundless limits of love, sacrifice and the will to survive, The Hiding Girl is the first book in the Emily Calby Series.

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Dorian Box

Dorian Box is a graduate school professor whose nonfiction books include an Amazon Editors’ Favorite Book of the Year. The unpublished manuscript for The Hiding Girl, his second novel, was a semifinalist for the Publishers Weekly BookLife Prize and his first novel, Psycho-Tropics, won a Writer’s Digest Award in Genre Fiction. He lives out his childhood fantasies playing in rock bands that earn tens of dollars sweating it out in smoky dive bars until two a.m.

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Publisher Friction Press
Genre Mysteries & Thrillers
Publication Date Jun 15 2020
ISBN 9781734639902


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