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The Hiding Girl is about Emily Calby, who is the only survivor of a horrific attack on her family. Now on the run from the men who killed her mother and sister, she stumbles upon a man who begrudgingly agrees to teach her to fight, to learn to get revenge on the men who destroyed Emily’s life.

Emily is a smart twelve year old who has learned to navigate the world but there are still limitations and the author shows those. She does not have an ID, she can not take some types of transportation without an adult to accompany her because of her age. She has limited funds and no way to earn more because of her age and lack of ID.

Emily is twelve years old and while she smart, she does occasionally act much older than an average twelve year old would. It takes away from the believably of the story. If she had been just a few years older, it would have been easier to buy in my opinion. It would make the idea of say a fourteen year old passing for an eighteen year old much easier for the suspension of belief then a twelve year old passing for eighteen.

Over all, I give this book a 3/5