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The Hiding Girl by Dorian Box is a thrilling story that starts out about survival and strength, and turns into a hunt for revenge. This story is focused on Emily Calby a pre-teen girl who is the only surviving victim of a home invasion that left her an orphan. She’s on the run because she’s scared that the men who killed her family won’t stop until they find her. On her journey she meets Lucas, and a handful of others, but he is who becomes someone that helps her along the most in the new normal of her life.

The way I felt about this book was unexpected. I honestly loved it. When I read the sneak peek on BookishFirst I wasn’t expecting to become so invested, but I was. I needed to know what would happen with Emily and her possible new unlikely friend, Lucas. This story is violent and sad, but it’s also empowering, emotional, and deep. Some of the banter and dialogue was so witty and fun. It also had a painfully timely realistic punch at times when Lucas was speaking about the law and justice, when it applies to Black men.

It takes an interesting look at revenge and justice, and all of the emotions that come with being wronged. How does that change you? How does loss and pain break you or make you?

This book definitely requires some ability to suspend your disbelief. The plausibility of a 12 year old, successfully surviving on the run, after witnessing her family slaughtered will make you roll your eyes a bit. I promise you though that it is worth it. This story is just such a thrilling ride. It just does not stop or take a breath. Emily is constantly moving toward her next step.

An entertaining read that will make you feel. A bit uncomfortable, a bit sad, but a bit hopeful as well. The best part is while this story feels completed, there is more to come!

[this book does contain multiple potential triggers: murder, abuse, sexual assault, violence]