A Heart-Tugging Emotional First Impression!

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Emily is a twelve year old tasked by her dad to take care of her family. And she tried, really hard, but to no avail. Her mom trusted the wrong people and her mother and sister Becky paid the ultimate price. Now Emily is on her own and has to find someone to make her a fake ID so she can travel, stay safe places and just be legal. I can already see in the first read that Emily’s story is one of terrible sorrow and horrible dreams, but it also one of a resourceful young girl who is determined to survive. I was instantly engaged in Emily’s troubles and how she was dealing with them. Who would expect a twelve year old to travel alone on a train, attaching herself to an elderly woman also traveling alone? Who would expect her to be able to find a place on the dark web to get a fake ID? I really want to read more of Emily’s story and find out what her future holds!