twists and turns

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I am someone who loves this particular sub-set of YA mystery/thriller/suspense books and I can honestly say this book was unlike anything I could’ve possibly expected. The way the book was written had me feeling like I was IN the story and I felt myself over analyzing the entire book to figure out what the ACTUAL story of the crash was.
The tag line still sticks with me after MONTHS and I recommend this book to anyone who will listen. The way the tagline flows made me feel so invested in this book—even before reading the initial first look provided by bookishfirst. I’m a huge fan of fun taglines on books, so that obviously added bonus points for me immediately.
To anyone who likes books like the A Good Girls Guide To Murder Series, One of Us is Lying series, Lying in the Deep, etc… this book is a MUST READ. Truly changed the trajectory of my reading journey in the best possible way.
(Also just want to shoutout the cover artist, because the cover is SO cool and credit where credits is due)