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Reviewed by my 12 yr old daughter because she wanted to read it.

I’ve seen and heard the author’s name every time I visited the public libraries. This is my first time reading her book and definitely not going to be my last. This book is out of this world. It started with a great story of four friends in a car and wound up with one survivor. The intense twists and turns, the plot was intriguing and the ending was unpredictable. I liked it because you have to keep guessing and I usually would have guessed the perpetrator but this one kept going and going until the end. I really recommend this one to any sleuths wannabes like me because it spun me off the rails couple of times.

The mystery to find the suspect was interesting because to actually pinpointing the source was unexpected. The twists and turns were there to confuse me and I thought it was interesting when the ending happened in an unexpected way. I really enjoyed it so much.