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The Headmaster's List by Melissa De La Cruz is an excellent YA thriller! I have loved every book Melissa De La Cruz has written and this one was no exception. This thriller has lots of twists and turns that I did not see coming, although I did figure out the main plot twist pretty early on (the clues were there early if you are looking for them). With that being said, I still did not guess the ending which was a twist I didn't see coming. As someone who loves mysteries and thriller and rich people drama, this book was a total hit! It really is a good blend of Gossip Girl and A Good Girl's Guide to Murder, so if you enjoyed them you will enjoy The Headmaster's List. Even though I don't ever re-read thrillers because once I know the plot twists, it's not as thrilling the second time around, I definitely recommend The Headmaster's List for anyone that likes YA thrillers.