The Headmaster's List Review

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This wasn't a bad read, i have read other books by her and know she's a very well known author, so i was pretty excited when i found out i won this book and once it finally came in the mail i didn't want to put it down! even took it to work to read at lunch in-between my audiobooks lmao

Overall this was a good read but i will say i knew from the beginning who was driving and so on. That really wasn't a huge mystery at all to me, there was many clues and i guess i might read too many books or watch too many crime shows so i knew as soon as they mentioned the seat belt and that no one was in the driver's seat.... well i mean it was obvious. I still enjoyed reading it though, I would still recommend it but i would just be unlike to reread it lol but if peacock made it into a series like they did with One of Us is Lying i would without a doubt watch it! 4.5 stars, would recommend.