Predictable Mystery

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I'm going to start off by saying I'm one of the worst mystery readers out there. Because I have no self control and will flip to the back of the book. I always spoil something for myself. In this case I pretty much spoiled the whodunit and the why. With that being said, I don't know if it really mattered that it was spoiled for me because I didn't particularly like the ending anyway.

Melissa de la Cruz books are a hit or miss for me and unfortunately this was more of a miss. I really enjoyed Spencer. She is our main character and I found her to be engaging. She was in a horrific car accident but something doesn't feel right about the way it went down. She follows that feeling and with great tenacity eventually uncovers the truth about that night. I thought she felt very realistic and the struggle with her pain and pain management (prescription pills) was handled well. It was a quick read and well written.

I feel like the cover and summary are a bit misleading. It feels like the Headmaster's List should have a bigger impact, but it really didn't have a big part to play. I also feel like it was lacking more of a sense of danger or conspiracy. It was all was fairly tame in terms of mystery and risk. The ending was wrapped up so quickly that it felt incomplete.

I will always give Melissa de la Cruz's writing a try but this just ended up being a little flat.